Coyote Air Lock Fabrication

Fabrication Parts

2-year warranty against manufacturer defects, excessive wear or breakage

SKU: CD 103

Parts Included:

a: Lock Housing
b: Release Button
c: Lock Plate
d: Valve Body
e: 8 Click Pin (pin selection separate)
f: Pin Adaptor Screw
g: Springs (3)
h: Anchor
i: Fabrication plug
j: Pin Spacers

Weight limit: 265 lbs
Patent Nos. 6334876. Other patents pending.
Made in U.S.A. External Prosthetic Component Manufactured by Coyote Design - Made in the USA | CE CD116.revD.09282016

CD 103 Fabrication |  PDF & Video

CD103 Fabrication PDF


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Installing Air Lock on Mould Steps 1 to 15

If using casting handle, begin with Step 1.
If NOT using casting handle, skip to Step 4.

Drape Moulding Check Socket Steps 13 to 27

Transferring Alignment Steps 28 to 41

Lube and install glue plate on alignable connector.

Lay Up Steps 42 to 51

Pull nylon stockinette or other materials over connector, lock and mould.

Finish Steps 52 to 56

Expose edge and remove excess lamination

Practitioner Instructions

Poor lock pin spacing leads to premature wear.
There should be no play between the lock and liner when fully engaged.
You may need to add spacers to the pin to ensure this.
Check for proper amount of play before putting lock into socket.

Option 1

  1. CD 103  Air Lock
  2. CD 103 AF  Alignable Connector 

Insert Option

  1. CD 103 SDI  Single Direction Insert
  2. CD 103 MDI Multi-Direction Insert

Option 2

  1. CD 103  Air Lock
  2. CD 111  One Shot Connector