Coyote Air Lock

coyote air lock cd-103

Air Lock & P8 Pin

A lightweight, dual-suspension pin system

designed to combine suction suspension comfort with pin suspension security. The airtight seal prevents air from coming into the bottom of the socket, creating suction and reducing pistoning even without a sleeve!

Also available with a longer pin for patients who struggle with pin engagement.






  • Suction allows for less traction on the limb for increased comfort and decreased liner wear
  • Expulsion valve or suspension sleeve are not needed to maintain suction in most cases
  • Water-resistant
  • Do not use with elevated vacuum
  • Dual suspension, suction pin lock system
  • Gain extra suspension even without a sleeve
  • Reduces pistoning and traction on end of limb
  • Improves suspension and comfort
  • Decreases distal pressure
  • Single-stage lamination
  • Offset alignment capability

Coyote Air Lock CD 103
Standard Air Lock

(AK) (BK)

Coyote Air Lock CD 103 M
Medium Air Lock

(AK) (BK) (AE) (BE) (PED)

Coyote Air Lock CD 103 S
Small Air Lock

(AK) (BK) (AE) (BE) (PED)


Coyote Air Lock CD 103 D
Deep Air Lock

(AK) (BK) 


Coyote Air Lock CD 103 MD
Medium Deep Air Lock

(AK) (BK) (AE) (BE) (PED)


Coyote Air Lock CD 103 SD
Deep Small Air Lock

(AK) (BK) (AE) (BE) (PED)


Single Lamination and Offset Fabrication

The fabrication procedure for the Air-Lock and Easy-Off Lock is a time and money saver. The Alignable Connector is attached to the lock in the desired location for prosthetic alignment, allowing the lock to remain in ideal lock alignment for easy engagement. A single lamination is done that incorporates the lock and the connector into the socket.

The offset capability saves money by eliminating need for offset components, and saves time with a single lamination and easy component set-up.