Coyote LowPro Summit Lock

The LowPro comes with a lamination tool to integrate it into the socket. This lock was designed specifically for long limbs, to control rotation and requires zero clearance! There’s no need to purchase a locking liner and you can use any socket adapter.

Can be used for any activity level, above or below the knee, for anyone up to 265 lbs.

Easier to don than original. Must be fabricated into socket

CD 102 T| Lamination Tool

  • Liner attachment shape makes the liner simple to roll on
  • Easy to cover cosmetically
  • Ergonomic tab feeds easily into lock
  • Controls rotation
  • Comes with lamination tool

CD 102 LoPro Lock

  CD 102 LA | Liner Attachment

Attach to liner with
CD4150 Coyote Quick Adhesive

CD 102 | Fabrication

CD 102 | Fabrication

Billing Information

Recommended Codes:

L5679* Addition to lower extremity, Below Knee/Above Knee, custom fabricated from existing mould
or prefabricated, socket insert, silicone gel, elastomeric or equal, for use with locking mechanism.

L5671 Addition to lower extremity, Below Knee/Above Knee suspension locking mechanism
(shuttle, lanyard or equal), excludes socket insert.

*Adding the Proximal Lock to a cushion liner changes the liner from a cushion liner
to a locking liner. So we recommend billing L5679 instead of L5673.

The listing of codes with our products should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment.

Ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practitioner.

[table id=3 /]

A = Very Good
B = Good
C = Average
D = Below Average
i = Insufficient Data

** Lock attachment needs to be glued to the limited stretch seam of these liners

These ratings only refer to the compatibility of the liner with the Summit & Low Profile Summit Locks, not the overall quality of the liner



Coyote Quick Glue Adhesive

Great for any situation when you need something glued quickly and easily.