Coyote Proximal Lock Fabrication

Fabrication Parts

SKU: CD 116 

Parts Included:

a: Proximal Lock
b: Glue Form
c: Liner Attachment
d: Tab
e: Fabrication Dummy
f: Glue Spreader
g: Reinforcement Strip
h: Glue
i: Nails
j: Finish Screw
k: M3 Screws
l: M3 Nuts


Weight limit: 265 lbs
Patent Nos. 6666894, 7431738, 7077868. Other patents pending.
Made in U.S.A. External Prosthetic Component Manufactured by Coyote Design - Made in the USA | CE CD116.revD.09282016

CD 116 Fabrication Files PDF & Video

CD116 Fabrication PDF


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Fabrication Steps 1 to 16

Once mould is filled, establish trim-line location of medial brim.

Fabrication Steps 17 to 27 Glue Form

Once the pad is glued in place, you will not be able to move it.
It is very important to do the initial test fitting prior to removing the dummy, to ensure there is sufficient suspension from the socket. You should also check the lock placement at this time. The pad needs to be semi-compressed and completely inside the socket.

Round hole is proximal
Mark the round hole this will be where the liner attachment screw is.
Make sure the lock is at least an inch and a half away from the tabs attachment screw

Square hole is distal
Place square hole over the mark made on the liner (#16) toward the distal end

Fabrication Steps 28 to 35 Laminating & Attaching Reinforcement Strip

Pull PVA bag over form.

Fabrication Videos

CD 116 Fabrication #1

CD 116 Fabrication #2

CD 116 Fabrication #3

CD 116 Fabrication #4

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