Coyote Wave Suction Band

CD130SB | Wave Suction Band

The Coyote Wave Suction Band comes in multiple sizes.

The Suction Band helps create dual suspension in combination with our Proximal, Summit and Low-Pro Locks.
The airtight suspension produces a more intimate fit with added security.

The Wave Suction Band can be used with:

  • Suction Sockets
  • Proximal Lock
  • Summit Lock
  • Low-Pro Lock
  • Air-Lock
  • Easy-Off Lock
  • Lanyard Pin.

The HandsFree Valve or Push Button Valve are recommended to relieve suction when donning and doffing.

Coyote Wave Suction Band Fabrication


CD 130 BS


CD 130 BM


CD 130 BL

Extra Large

CD 130 BX