Easy Off Lock

easy-off-iconVery similar to the Air-Lock in that it stays airtight to create suction in the socket, the Easy-Off Lock can be used with elevated vacuum. Its unique lever design also makes doffing easy, especially for amputees with hand strength issues, arthritis or trouble reaching the release button.



  • Easy donning and doffing with lever release
  • Self-lubricating materials reduce wear
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be used with elevated vacuum
  • Airtight “suction” or vacuum suspension with the safety and security of a pin
  • Dual suspension, suction pin lock system
  • Great for amputees with hand strength issues
  • Single-stage lamination
  • Offset alignment capability
  • Dual o-ring system for positive seal
  • (AK) (BK)

CD117 | Easy Off Lock

  • 128 grams, 2.3”diameter
  • 265 lb weight limit
  • Weight Limit:  100 lbs
  • Build height: 1.75”
  • Amputation Type:  (AK) (BK)
  • Activity Level:  Any


CD117D |Deep Easy Off Lock

Deeper housing to accept the long pin. Adds extra .35” of length to pin. Includes one pin, and most parts for fabrication except connector.


Easy Off Lock Billing

Coyote Design® believes that “suction” in a prosthetic refers to negative pressure created inside the socket, rather than componentry such as an expulsion valve or sleeve. Because we think of suction as a function, we believe it should be permitted to bill L5671 in conjunction with the L5647 or L5652 in cases when it is medically necessary. As with other situations where multiple suspension methods are used and billed we feel the combination of a lock and suction helps to increase safety for the patient.

Single Lamination and Offset Fabrication

The fabrication procedure for the Air-Lock and Easy-Off Lock is a time and money saver. The Alignable Connector is attached to the lock in the desired location for prosthetic alignment, allowing the lock to remain in ideal lock alignment for easy engagement. A single lamination is done that incorporates the lock and the connector into the socket. The offset capability saves money by eliminating need for offset components, and saves time with a single lamination and easy component setup.

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