Grommet Lock

grommet-iconDesigned with pediatric patients in mind, the Grommet Lock is simple, lightweight and durable for use with upper and lower extremity. Just like our adult locks, it has multiple connector options for fabrication of a lower extremity prosthetic.



  • Pediatric only
  • Lightweight, durable plastic
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be modified for minimum clearance
  • Can be used in upper and lower extremity prosthetics
  • Three thread options for any liner type
  • Weight limit of 100 lbs
  • (PED)


CD104TM | Grommet Lock 10mm Pin

  • Weight w/Connector:  24 grams
  • Dimension:  1" Diameter
  • Weight Limit:  100 lbs
  • Build Height:  Max of 1 3/8"
  • Amputation Type:  (BK) (UE)
  • Activity Level:  Any


CD104SM | 6mm Pin


CD104QT | 1/4 x 20 Thread


We recommend using the Small Air-Lock vs. the Grommet when space is available for enhanced suspension.

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