Summit Lock

Coyote Summit Lock IconSpecifically for long limbs, the Summit Lock is designed to control rotation and requires zero clearance! There’s no need to purchase a locking liner and you can use any socket adapter. Can be used for any activity level, above or below the knee, for anyone up to 265 lbs.
CD101 can be retrofit.



  • Liner attachment shape makes the liner simple to roll on
  • Easy to cover cosmetically
  • Ergonomic tab feeds easily into lock
  • Easy to retrofit on existing socket
  • Controls rotation
  • (AK) (BK) (UE) (PED)

CD101 | SummitLock

Ideal for retrofitting to existing sockets


CD102LA | Injected Liner Attachment

Attach to liner with CD4150 Coyote Quick Adhesive or 5 minute epoxy


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